The Village Health Plus is the capital of farmhouses wellness, specializing in thermal baths (three hot springs) and sun (52-hectare water park) in an ecologically pristine area, with over 60 km of walking through history and nature. Is part of a agricultural and tourist area of about 200 square kilometers. The Village offers: Spa, Water Park, Cottage, Hotel widespread (in historic farmhouses) & camping, Oasis FKK and gives ample opportunity for meetings and events. A site dedicated to all those who are looking for health, relaxation, nature and fun.

Archeology, music, dance, performances, food, crafts, historical re-enactments. Monterenzio, like every summer, hosts this event dear to all who seek a colorful refreshment, not only a celebration, not just an opportunity for knowledge, it is a trip to a picturesque, along the river and next to the Archaeological Museum of history and fantasy, where visitors are welcomed in an enchanting and evocative stroll among the Celts and the Romans and the Etruscans come together in tents and camps of the ancients, feel the scent of food and spices, savor a real leap forward in time.

The Historical Park of Monte Sole covers almost all the area involved in the massacre of Monte Sole, 1944, when the Nazi-Fascist violence in these lands led to the death of hundreds of unarmed civilians, the elderly, women and children.

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